Customer Retention: The best and Unique Strategies to Increase Profits

23feb 2021
Customer Retention: The best and Unique Strategies to Increase Profits
From years ago, and perhaps centuries ago, the relationship between customers and businesses has always been particularly sensitive.

Of course, to increase sales, you need to increase traffic (sales are just one example, you may have other goals), and there are many ways to increase traffic, which I will divide into two parts, one: increase traffic to unprincipled methods.

Two: increase the number of visits to principled and correct methods.

In the following, we will briefly describe each of them and you will get acquainted with the correct ways to increase visits.

Increasing site traffic is one of the most important things you can do after launching your site. There are many ways to increase site traffic, and in this article, I tried to acquaint you with the main and most practical ways to increase site traffic and increase site traffic on the Internet for free.

In fact, if you are an internet business owner and you have launched a site for your business, in order to be able to increase the sales of your site and work to find the audience and users of your site more easily, you should think about increasing site traffic.

If you have searched for the keyword " increase site traffic " on the Internet, there are many sites that have written many articles about it. But because they did not teach the basic method, I decided to introduce you to all the methods of increasing site traffic for free and even money, from zero to one hundred.

You may be wondering why we should think about increasing our site traffic? Increasing site traffic will increase your audience and users. Eventually, as your users increase, so will your site sales. Of course, keep in mind that your main goal should not be just to increase your site traffic. It is better to focus on Tat target market so that your target audience and users can find you more easily.

It does not matter what products or services you sell on the Internet. Sell ​​downloadable products or physical products! You can't sell on the Internet until you can get your site's audience and users to find it. However, if you want to increase your sales, you must think about increasing site traffic and attracting your target audience and users.

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No matter how great your website is, you will not be able to attract your target audience and your business will not make any profit!

One of the main reasons that many people fail after starting their online business and ultimately fail is because they do not know how to attract their target audience to their site and in the term do not know how to attract site visitors. Increase you.

So, in the first step, in order to be able to sell our products on the Internet and attract a large audience and users to your business and site, you must think about increasing your site traffic. If you do a little research on the internet you will find websites that offer quality products and services, but their problem is that they cannot increase your site visitors and traffic and the administrators of these websites have a problem in increasing their site traffic. have!

In this article, which is one of the most complete and comprehensive articles to increase site traffic on Google, I tried to introduce you to practical and completely free methods. Of course, because we have placed the most complete article on increasing site traffic on the American web, we tried to introduce paid methods to you in addition to free methods. Of course, you do not need to spend extra money at all, and according to the free techniques that we will provide you, you can bring unlimited audiences and users to your site from the Internet, and finally, by doing internet marketing on them, turn them into customers.

In this article, I tried to introduce you to ways to attract real audiences and users to your business. All the tips and methods that we have taught you in this article are the result of our many years of experience in increasing site traffic. Just keep in mind that if you want to use these methods to attract your target audience and users to your site, you must implement all of the above methods in your business and site on a permanent basis.

If you are thinking of increasing your site traffic and you want to bring a large audience and users to your site and turn them into customers. If you implement all the methods mentioned in this article in your business and site, you We promise that reading this article and doing what we have taught you in this article will save you money on increasing your site traffic.

Increase free site traffic.

Well, in this section, we have reached the main topic of ways to increase site traffic for free, which we want to teach you how you can attract your target audience and users to your business completely free of charge. Just to be able to get the best results and feedback, I suggest you follow these tips in this article on your site.

1- Generate high-traffic content for the site

The first way to increase site traffic is to write high quality articles for your site. The first step is to start producing professional content and comprehensive articles for the main topics of your popular business.

Many friends after launching their site think that they should only produce content and articles in the area of ​​their business. You should note that in the discussion of content production and article writing must be in the main and popular areas of your business.

Be sure to note that in discussing the production of targeted high quality website traffic content for your site, you should focus on your keywords and keywords that are searched a lot. The most popular articles you write for your site should be written for the main keywords of the site. In the first step before writing a popular article on your site, you should find the keywords and keywords that are searched a lot in Google.

There are many ways to find your target search keywords. The best way to select keywords to generate popular content is to use tools like google keyword planner, kwfinder and google trends.

With these tools, you need to select the most searched keywords and start producing targeted and comprehensive content. If you can generate community content on your keywords and get the first Google results, you can increase your site traffic many times over.

For example, in our field of work, words such as " Buy affiliate traffic ", " buy website traffic packages " and… are often searched by audiences and users. You also have to work hard and choose the most relevant and useful keywords for your site that many audiences and users will search for. Of course, to generate high-traffic content for your site, I suggest you follow the tips below.

Important points in writing the most visited articles on the site

You might think that just by writing an article, you can easily reach the first Google results in the main keywords of your site. To achieve the first Google results, the content you produce must be more comprehensive and complete than your competitors. This will increase the traffic to your site. Of course, in addition to the completeness and comprehensiveness of the content that you produce, you should pay attention to a series of points that we will mention in the following.

1.       Choose the right keywords of your site correctly. As I said in the article above, try to choose the most useful and keywords for your target. Of course, pay attention to this point, in order to be able to rank more easily on your main keyword, you should rank on your keywords more easily. for example:

If we want to rank on the keyword "internet marketing", in addition to working on this keyword, we must also work on a series of sub-keywords such as " internet marketing training ", "what is internet marketing", "how to do internet marketing" and… results Let's get to Google first. Of course, this is one of the golden techniques for achieving Google's first results in keywords.

2.       To increase the traffic of your site, be sure to thoroughly check the content of your competitors. Note that the article you write for your site and want to get on your main keyword must be more complete and comprehensive content than your competitors. So thoroughly review the content of your competitors and try to make the content you produce more comprehensive than your competitors. For example, if your competitor's article was 3000 words, try to have 1000 to 2000 words more content than your competitor.

3.       Completely observe all the principles of SEO and site optimization in the content and article that you produce. In order to be able to rotate hard keywords and reach Google results, you must fully comply with all SEO factors such as the correct use of titles, keyword density, optimization of tags and categories, use of the right host and. It is very important to follow the principles of SEO to rank hard in keywords.

4.       Share the content we have produced in full! Sharing content on social networks and other people's websites will improve your site's ranking in Google. In other words, in order to be able to produce content that increases the traffic to your site, you have to click on the content that you have produced and start building.

2- Writing comprehensive articles and skyscrapers.

One of the best ways to boost your site traffic is to write comprehensive articles. Generating comprehensive content or skyscraper is one of the most powerful techniques in site optimization and SEO. Note that in order to be more easily seen in the first results of Google, you need to produce comprehensive and long content for your site.

The more comprehensive and lengthier your article is, the easier it is for you to reach the first Google results. Skyscraper Content Generation Technique is an extremely powerful SEO and site optimization technique introduced by a professional SEO expert named Brian Dean from backlinko.

In fact, in producing skyscraper or skyscraper content, the content you produce should be more comprehensive and complete than your competitors. Generating more comprehensive and complete content than competitors will increase site traffic and you can attract an unlimited audience and users to your business. To produce comprehensive articles or skyscrapers, observing the following points will increase your site traffic and you can more easily reach the first results of Google.

Important points in writing skyscraper articles

In order to be able to be seen in the first results of Google by using skyscraper content production, follow the following points completely:

1.       Use your main keywords to produce skyscraper content. Note that your keywords will be searched a lot on Google to generate skyscraper content.

2.       Be sure to repeat the same keywords in the content that you produce with your main keywords in its content. For example, if your goal is to produce content in the field of "work at home", repeat keywords that Google, such as " home business ", "work at home" and… inside your content. This will not only rank you for your main keyword but also rank for your keywords, which will increase your site traffic.

3.       Using h3 and h2 tags and using the description below the tags. Write a two- or three-paragraph description for each h2 and h3 tag in order to produce professional skyscraper content.

4.       Using images and videos in the content you produce. To produce skyscraper content, try to use images and videos related to the theme of the content produced. This will make your audience and users last longer.

5.       Using internal and external links in the content you produce. To produce skyscraper content in the content you produce, you must use internal links, i.e., link to relevant resources. Of course, in addition to internal links, you must also link to valid external sources. For example, in this article, we teach you how to increase site traffic to all reputable external link sources, which increases the ranking of this article, and we can more easily reach the first results of Google.

6.       Try to increase the total number of your article. Increasing the number of comments related to the content you generate will increase the traffic to your site.

7.       The content you produce should cover all of your competitors' topics. Examine your competitors 'content thoroughly before producing skyscraper content and try to cover all of your competitors' content.

If you can fully follow all the tips, we have taught you in this section in the content and the content you produce is completer and more comprehensive than your competitors and covers all the topics of your competitors, you are a skyscraper content and in the term Skype for You created your site. By producing skyscraper content, it is much easier to be seen in the first results of Google, and your chances of reaching the first rank of Google are very high.

3- Website optimization for Google (SEO)

Another very important way to increase free site traffic is to optimize your site for search engines, especially Google. SEO or SEO means optimizing the site for search engines. In order to get a large audience and users to enter your site, you need to optimize your site for search engines.

In my opinion, the best and most practical way to increase the actual site traffic is to SEO your site. When you SEO your site, it makes it easier for your target audience and users to enter your site and find you. If you optimize your site, you can easily attract the audience and users who need your product and service.

Of course, in the previous two methods to increase site traffic, you must fully comply with all the principles of SEO and site optimization. Of course, in this section, I want to make you more detailed with website SEO.

Of course, site optimization and SEO are divided into three stages. The first step is to select keywords, the second step is to optimize the site or internal page or on page seo and the third step is to optimize the site or external page or off page SEO.

1.       The first step in SEO and site optimization is keyword selection, of course, in the above discussions we talked about ways and means of keyword selection. But if I want to tell you exactly what keywords are in SEO, I mean keywords that your audience and users search for on Google and other search engines according to their needs. These words that the audience searches for are called keywords.

2.       The second step in SEO is internal site optimization or on page SEO. Internal site optimization the set of things you have to do inside the site to optimize your site for search engines, especially Google, is called internal site optimization. After you have selected the keywords, you must fully follow the principles of internal SEO. Using these principles that you follow; Google will give you a better ranking and you will be seen in the first results of Google. The most important factors of internal talent are selection of quality hosts, production of comprehensive and targeted content, optimization of categories and tags, optimization of site images, optimization of site speed, excellent user relationship and….

3.       The third step in SEO and off site optimization is called off page SEO. External SEO means a set of things you need to do outside of your site to optimize your site for Google and other search engines, such as ad reporting and building quality backlinks. So, to increase site traffic, take the issue of site optimization very seriously and try to fully observe all the principles of SEO and site optimization in your site and do your best to be seen in the first results of Google. SEO and site optimization are a completely free way to increase site traffic. If you learn the basics completely, you can get unlimited traffic to your site.

4.       Increasing site visits through social networks

Another very practical way to increase site traffic is to use social networks, especially Instagram and Telegram. If you can use social media in a principled way and provide quality content to your users, you can direct a large audience and users to your site.

As you know, with the increase of smartphones, the use of social networks, especially Instagram, has become popular. The social network Instagram is very popular, and many people have been able to earn a lot of money per month just through this social network.

Due to the new features of the Instagram social network, Instagram has become very popular and this issue has caused a lot of people to work in this social network. Of course, our main goal is not to increase the site traffic to clichéd methods such as copying your site content on social networks. In addition to producing professional content for your site, you should also start with quality content on social networks, especially Instagram, with quality and attractive images.

This means that in addition to generating content for your site, you must also produce quality content for your social networks. Of course, if you can produce quality content on Instagram, it will affect the branding of the site. When you start producing video content and the content is user friendly, you can be sure that many people will follow you and this will not only trust you but also have a direct impact on the sales of your site.

On Instagram and Telegram, you can launch a channel and page and start producing video content and publish it within your channel page. Try to use attractive images and captions in the content you produce to attract your audience to your business. In order to be able to increase the number of visitors through social networks, you can ask them to enter your site.

Then take social networks very seriously and use these social networks, especially Instagram, to increase your site traffic, and its main goal is to produce quality content.

5- Production of video to increase site visits.

Video production is another way to increase site traffic. As you know, video is one of the most popular and best formats on the Internet, which is more effective than other formats. This means that you can have a greater impact on your audience and users by producing video.

But when it comes to video production for the site, many friends think that video production is very hard work if it is not at all! If you learn and implement the basics of video marketing, you can be sure that you can produce professional videos that will amaze your audience and users.

Many friends think that in order to produce a video, they must appear in front of the camera and start talking and lecturing, but this is not the case at all! You do not need to speak in front of the camera to make videos and videos, you do not need to produce branding and advertising videos to increase site traffic.

The easiest way to make a video for your site is to recreate your articles into a movie. This means that you can convert articles into videos in any field you start writing and publish them on video sharing sites so that you can increase your site's audience and visitors.

All you have to do is select one of the articles on your site that you have already written and design the content of the same article as a headline in PowerPoint with beautiful slides. You can then use the software to capture video from your desktop to speak the same article you wrote in the video. You can easily make very professional and high quality videos to increase your site traffic.

To record video, all you need is a microphone to record your voice. There are many tools that allow you to capture videos from your desktop week. You can use Camtasia Studio software to record video from your computer screen.

Once you've made your video, you need to upload your video to video sharing services such as YouTube, Camera, View, Watch, Box, in order to increase your audience and targeted website traffic.

The best video sharing service in the world is YouTube, which thousands of people use every day. For this reason, we recommend that you start producing video content on video sharing networks. Not only will this increase your site traffic, but it will also make it easier for your audience and users to trust you and your business, and this will increase your sales and revenue.

Video production is very important in internet businesses. If you can start producing quality video in any field you work in, you can be sure that you will direct a lot of people to your site.

6- Increasing site visits by publishing guest posts.

As you know, content comes first in the world of internet. In terms of content production, you need to produce quality content for your site. Producing quality content can be difficult. Your goal in producing content should be to meet the needs of your audience and users.

To increase site traffic, there are a number of websites where you can put your content for free, and they allow you to link to your site. Given that there are many websites that made it possible for their audience and users to generate content, you can bring a lot of audience to your site by generating content on such websites.


I'm sure if you've worked in content production you have heard the name of the guest post. Publishing guest posts is one way to increase site traffic. You may ask, what is meant by guest post and how can we send our content as guest post to such sites?

There are many content sites that allow you as a writer to start producing content for them and promote your site in the content you produce. When you publish your content on such websites, your content is created as a guest post and by advertising your site, you can direct the people who read your content to your site.

There are many such websites that can publish guest posts that you can find with a simple search. The best sites for publishing guest posts are "Official News" and "Comma". In addition to attracting a large audience and users to your site, you can get quality backlinks from these sites, this will improve your site SEO.

Ways to increase unprincipled visits:

In this method, the webmaster or the person in charge of increasing traffic for him with the help of methods such as: sending artificial traffic to the site or using fraudulent methods to bypass Google to increase rankings and subsequently increase traffic through Google is trying to increase website traffic. Such methods may work a little at first, but certainly after a while the website will be completely removed from Google results or its traffic will be significantly reduced.

There are other ways, such as placing popup ads on high-traffic sites where the user inadvertently enters your site and the traffic increases. I also consider this method unprincipled and fraudulent (because the user enters your site unintentionally and unknowingly.

Basic methods of increasing traffic:

The right methods always require time, patience and sometimes more money, but the efficiency and effectiveness of these methods is very high.

Some of these methods include costs, such as click-through ads or placing ads on popular sites.

Free methods

• Put quality content on your website: If the content you write is useful, has not been copied from somewhere and is not difficult for the user to read, it will attract more visitors and they may even add your website address to your blog or site. Post them yourself or share them on social media, which will increase your ranking in Google.


·       Share your site content on popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Telegram, Instagram, etc.

·       In social networks have more and more users you click on share investments.

·       Put social media links on your website.

·       Post comments on popular and popular websites.

·       Subscribe to popular websites that allow you to work as an author and publish quality content with your own brand or website. (Guest post)

·       Video and Podcasts and publish specialized in own work.

·       E-books to create high-quality content and publish on the Internet.

·       Newsletter Email: their own ways to try to get visitors and new content published on the website every so often to them via email (you'll probably need to send bulk email Panel)

·       If possible, place a lottery and prize section on your website.

·       Depending on the type of Web site to try things that make a lasting entertainment and more users on the site to consider when designing for games such as the Flash.

·       When writing an article, make lists of things you know visitors need. For example, if your site is about cooking, you can make lists like: Top 10 foods in the world, 10 types of food that do not need to be cooked, 50 types of authentic American food, 20 Post the type of food suitable for health, 15 types of food suitable for teenagers, etc. on your site.

These types of lists cause your content link to be circulated as a reference everywhere on the Internet, or even users who have already visited your site to read the list again.

·       When publishing not just the pure text content and try out some of your content is not just text but also video, image or podcasts can also be. These types of pages are very useful for creating diversity on the website.

·       On your website create a FAQ section on your profession and regularly answer questions from users.

·       Respond correctly to all user comments posted on your site.

·        Join the forums and answer users' specialized questions. Of course, the link to your website should be included in your answers, for example, tell the user to refer to the link you put for more information.

·       Be active in popular question and answer websites as well.

·       Post specific and challenging content.

·       To attract visitors to your website, depending on the field of activity, you can give points to member users for a series of specific activities that they do on your site and reward them with a special feature or a reward to a certain extent.

·       Create a survey page and ask your users to comment on the site's problems and shortcomings, as well as the site's strengths to work on more. In other words, ask users what they liked about the site and what they did not.

Non-free methods:

·       A hired SEO expert or SEO is the process to leave a reputable company.

·       Advertising on popular and popular websites or local and local media.

·       Branding: Branding is one of the best ways to increase website hits, but the cost is very high, much more than hiring SEO specialists.

However, one of the main concerns of webmasters today is their website visits. Every webmaster wants his website to be visited by his fans and followers over and over again every day, but many of these webmasters are not familiar with ways to increase site traffic and do not know how to increase their site traffic or placement. What should the Google homepage do? In this article, we intend to transfer to you 4 ways that can be used to increase site visits for free, so that by observing and doing all these things, you can easily create a high-traffic website for yourself. So, we suggest that you stay with us until the end to provide you with 4 ways to increase site visits for free.

Writing popular articles

Perhaps the most important part of any website is its content production section. If your site looks great but does not have a lot of valuable content, you will end up not getting the results you want from your website. For this purpose, one of the main tasks that you as a webmaster should do is to write articles that are very attractive to visitors and can attract them to your site.

Note that just writing long articles is not a big reason for the site to succeed in attracting visitors and you must be careful about the quality of your articles. In order to produce a better quality article that will eventually have a high search and high input from search engines for you, you need to find the most searchable words related to the topic you intend to write and submit your articles with Complete the use of such words.

Video production and publishing

Nowadays, there are probably fewer people who have the patience and time to read a page of textual content on your website, which is why most people are looking for video tutorials so that they can just see everything they need to see. Explain on a page of your site to achieve this, so it is better to create an educational video for topics that you are sure many want and by publishing it on your site to find the audience that is looking for such videos and find them. Turn into your regular visitors.

Holding free events

Perhaps one of the most visited items that can transform your site visit is holding free events. Of course, many people who use the Internet are looking for training on various issues, including training in your field, you can put this type of training on the site for others to use by holding an online or offline course, and then See its impact on the performance of your site.

Cooperation in the sale of services and products

Certainly, when it comes to sales cooperation, our minds suddenly turn to cooperation in the sale of physical goods. However, cooperation in the sale of files has a very wide world to the extent that you will be able to provide services to customers in addition to cooperation in the sale of physical goods and receive profits from them in this regard. For this purpose, you can set up a sales cooperation system for your services to easily sell your file or services to customers and enter the marketing commission for your marketers to their account.


As we said in this article, there are many ways to increase site traffic on Google. All the methods we have taught you are based on content production. So, the best and most effective way to increase your site traffic on Google is to try to use quality content for your site, social networks and video sharing services.

As I said, my main purpose in writing this article is to teach you ways to increase free site traffic. This article is one of the most complete articles on the American web and I promise you to add new and practical points to this article every month.

If you follow all the contents of this article in full on your site and produce quality content, the result will be amazing. Increasing site traffic is directly related to the revenue you generate. This means that the more you can increase the number of visitors to your site, the more your income will increase. Of course, as you are thinking of increasing the traffic to your site, I suggest you, considering that many users enter the site day by day, be sure to receive their contact information, including their email.

Email marketing is one of the most powerful digital marketing tools! If you do not use email marketing tools, you are missing a great opportunity. All the methods mentioned in this article alone can increase your site visitors. I hope you enjoyed this article.

Rest assured that if you apply what we have taught you in this article to your device business without question, you can significantly increase your site traffic. Ask any questions in this regard at the end of this post. We will answer all your questions as soon as possible.

The issues raised have been proven to us by experience. There is also no doubt that the principled methods, although they take more time to achieve results, are much more efficient and effective.

Be victorious and proud.

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